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Top tips to finding your balance

Everything in life is about balance!

Growing up we learn about polarity, in Religious Education at school we are taught about heaven and hell, growing up from an early age we are taught about good and evil, positive and negative, kind and unkind, honest dishonest, black white, the list goes on and on and there are hundreds of opposites.....

In essence this is all because when we look at the simple nature of things life is in balance best when it has both sides, you can't split a magnet in half can you, and when you consider that it has to have its positive and negative force its easy to see that everything in life has the same concept. The world is awash with positive thinkers, but they also have to appreciate the negative side of things to be able to promote the positivity - Dr John DeMartini is an expert in this field and Id highly recommend his books on the subject. In the meantime, Ive collated a quick list of ways to keep in balance yourself:

1) be creative and inspired - do, read, see and be involved in things that inspire you and give you ideas and open your mind, try 3 new things!

2) when something difficult or tough is happening, take a step back and look at what specifically is challenging you. Remember it will pass and its ok to ask for help, talk about it and then take action

3) move from talking and thinking in to doing and being!

4) be grateful - look at the little things every day that you are grateful for as you go to sleep - this will enhance your general wellbeing and state

5) grow your ideas and opinions by taking on others - listen and feed your knowledge with different perspectives - seeing the other side of an argument or debate can often help defuse it as well as widening your points of reference.

6) Some stress is good - if you aren't feeling some tension then you won't be growing - a plant has to go through different stages from seedling to flower and each phase of transformation puts it through a state of tension. Be a plant - keep growing :)

7) occupy yourself - a wandering mind, a mind that spends a lot of time in fantasy, or in infatuation and lost in imagination can lead to an unhappy mind. By focusing in and controlling your attention you will find that it enables a more improved mood. Mindfulness and mastery! (don't confuse this with being creative and using your imagination to create big ideas!)

8) everything in moderation! yes - you've heard it a million times before, but its true, a bit of everything is better than often cutting things out and then bingeing later - be it food, exercise etc etc, you know the score!

9) fast is not necessarily good. by slowing down and taking more care or attention or time to do things we can get better results. The world around us is fast enough these days and creates a lot of extra stress, by taking our foot off the pedal a little it allows us to keep an eye on the end goal .... be the tortoise as well as the hare!

10) trying and failing is ok - we can't all win all the time and in fact most of the time we learn most when we fail - it helps us grow and means that we can get an even perspective.

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