Digital Transformation?

Im regularly approached on this topic of WHAT is DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION? HOW does it apply to me? WHAT are the implications? Should I be even worried about it? Im also frequently asked in meetings and introductions that I have, with anyone outside the industry, and so felt that whilst there are many, thick in the process of transforming their business with new platforms, programmes and innovation workstreams underway, that it would be helpful to outline how I define digital transformation and what I believe it really means. Its clear that there are still a number of clients and companies grappling and getting their heads around the term itself and whether it even applies to them, and well t

I know how you feel...

There have been an increasing number of articles posted of late about empathy? Are you an empath? Where on the scale do you fit? Why is it even important? "Empathy is the ability of people to recognize and respond to the emotions of others. It’s the foundation of both sympathy and compassion. Without empathy, sympathy and compassion are more likely to be inaccurate and may lead to increased friction and resentment. This is because the individuals who are the targets of sympathy or compassion have heightened sensitivity to actions that are not based on empathetic understanding. They may feel that actions such as an act of charity or a compassionate word are degrading forms of pity if they are

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