Flexible working - is it as productive as it sounds?

Driving productivity in the workplace is an increasing focus area for most management teams. As large scale delivery programmes become significant focus for moving business and profitability forward, transformation is key across not only the internal processes, products and services and technology but the people and skills that deliver against them - whether it is the skills of the workforce, bringing in key skills to deliver the programmes or creating apps, commerce, or externally with suites of products and services to customers faster better and cheaper. Executive teams look across all 4 areas to drive efficiencies, stretch more from less, decrease headcount, grow productivity and crea

Polar bear or Penguin?

Im sure you have all seen the videos that have done the rounds on the internet, the polar bear dragging his head along the ground with the captions, ‘Monday, dragging yourself to work', as he drags himself along decidedly non- plussed about the world. And then there is the penguin leaping about like a mad thing with the caption ‘Going home on Friday!' https://youtu.be/N1Wq1WaG74Q Do you live for the weekend? Do you dread Monday mornings and get that sharp knot sometime early Sunday afternoon as your mind starts to turn to the week at work you have ahead of you? Or are you that person that leaps out of bed in the morning ready to get to work and stuck in because you love your job, are inspire

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