Take a Break- a good title for broken bones!

Last November 2015 I was featured in Take a Break magazine telling my story of multiple fractures in 2011/2012 and the subsequent diagnosis of Osteoporosis at aged just 35, following summiting Kilimanjaro to raise money for Prostrate cancer, which my father had been diagnosed with earlier that year and was taking on full force. It wasn't lost on me the irony of being featured in Take a break, but I was so excited given that the readership of this publication is the largest weekly magazine in the UK (100K) Only a month later I was representing the National Osteoporosis Society at the Houses of Parliament as a Patient Champion, speaking to MPs and heightening awareness - as a younger person

Collaborative Working? Is this just a fancy name for teamwork?

To start Ill remind you of a quote by Henry Ford - "Coming together is a beginning, Staying together is progress, Working together is success!" Everyone is talking about collaborative working practises and environments, its another of the buzz terms alongside disruption, innovation, transformation and reinvention……..so why are these terms all being given so much air time, surely we used them before? I think the truth is that when you really look at all of them, each of these terms has become popular as it helps drive and explain a different approach, but that fundamentally if you worked in a team before, and you worked on change programs, implementation projects or in fact any kind of pro

Fear of failure - driving you on or holding you back?

Im standing at the top of an unpisted ‘itineraire a ski’ in the mountains. Below me is what seems like a never ending run of bumps, moguls, rocks, drops, and nothing but a never-ending mountain. Its been 5 years since I skied properly, my confidence has been shot due to various health reasons and personal challenges over the past couple of years and yet here I am, like a lemming, about to launch myself off the side of a mountain in the good faith that somehow I will get to the bottom in one piece…….and not only this, but that perhaps it really might not be so bad? What is going on inside me is something quite different as I assess the side of the mountain, desperately trying to see a sensibl

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