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Sally Philip

Sally Philip started the Orbit Enterprises practice Ltd after 15 years of working in large Digital Agencies and Consulting groups where she was delivering and driving innovation and strategies for clients to enable incredible outcomes for SME’s and large PLCs, across a diverse suite of services and industries. She has delivered everything from Marketing and Digital strategies, project and programme roadmaps underpined by financial profiles and investment plans, through to small and large scale platform and change delivery programs -  plus everything in between!  (hackathons, innovation hubs, ecommerce apps, SM campaigns and branding initiatives and website design and build -  CMS, CRM and case management and data platforms). She has worked in Interim C-level/ board advisory roles,  as well as implemented programmes for change, transformation and mobilisation of new spin off or start up initiatives - with the primary focus of setting up teams and programmes for success, as well as rolling up her sleeves to help ‘get stuff done’. 

She has been through the process herself in working with a number of businesses that have grown rapidly and seen significant changes to their teams, culture, processes and products and services as they have kept up with market need. 

With an implicit understanding of keeping the customer at at the heart of every business, she will challenge you and keep you honest to your objectives, strategies and outcomes to ensure that you are keeping both momentum and success as you pursue your goal.

Sally also works as a Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor and as an business advisor to a handful of Start-ups across fintech, social networks and law/gov and health tech.


Her depth of experience facilitates the delivery of tactical hands on assistance to get to the bottom of business growth needs and quickly identifies what gaps, blockages and quick steps to take in order to start building growth and seeing tangible results as you scale your business.

With a background in project and business management and having held roles on the board of 2 businesses (40M- 80M), she has a wealth of experience that can aid you in getting to the core of how to grow your business, where to invest time, effort and cash as you grow, and how to navigate the different challenges that every CEO and founding team will encounter as they build their business.

With 19 years in digital media and technology focusing on client management and largescale delivery programmes. Her areas of expertise include setting business strategy and innovation, leadership, team-building and exceptional relationship management. She has worked across all industry sectors from Pharma (McKesson UK), Government - MHRA (to implement a huge change and transformation programme for the Medical Devices division), managing multiple suppliers and both internal and external teams in publishing, Finance and the arts as well as consulting teams. Previously she held consulting roles with a number of smaller businesses and start ups, advising on people and team as well as business transformation, strategy and business innovation. Prior to that she managed a number of innovation and proposition development projects at Lloyds Banking Group. Before setting up Orbit Enterprises, her own business portfolio, she was the Digital Delivery Director at TSL Education (TES.com), managing a large and diverse team, bringing resources, jobs and community access to the teaching and education profession and core to the team in taking the UK business Global. It was here that she felt it was the first step in shifting her focsus and energies to building her own business portfolio.

She has written for www.disrupts.com, and Digital transformation people, amongst other online content and thought leadership portals and sources. She's currently working on a number of interviews for FITC Amsterdam conference

Dedicated to providing exceptional results in all her projects, Sally attributes her success to never giving up, passion in all that she does, huge integrity, and a love of new challenges. She first became involved in her profession because of the fast-paced nature of the technology industry, thus providing her with the ability to work in dynamic, challenging and constantly evolving environments. She believes that this has been the foundation and basis to expanding into other industries and her desire to build new portfolios.


With an active and healthy lifestyle it was also a natural progression to become involved in Network Marketing in the Health and Wellness Industry, for a couple of years that was a massive impetus for self development and growth. This has led  more recently to more in depth training as a practitioner in NLP, Timeline therapy and light touch hypnotherapy. This has also enabled her to step out of her comfort zone, and also provide mentoring to others in a number of business settings amongst which were a large scale health and wellness industry, publishing and finance. NLP provides a number of great tools to support those arround you, gain greater understanding and rapport in your relationships and navigate troublesome projects, challenges or environments in all aspects of your life and it is this that she is passionate to utilize and empower those that she has the privilage to work with in all capacities.


At 35, she was diagnosed with severe Osteoporosis. It was this illness that catapulted her in to ongoing self development and is evidence that a positive attitude can transform a disabling diagnosis. It is this that drives her to continuously strive to help bring insight, compassion, understanding to people and their surroundings at work  as well as their personal relationships, health and wellbeing. She has largely reversed the condition through adapting an alkaline diet, healthy eating and regular exercise in running yoga and pilates, as well as drawing on alternative therapies such as accupuncture, meditation. She has researched the disease extensively and has followed a lot of the insight and knowledge from communities around the world in regards to supplements and diet.


She was featured in Take a Break Magazine (100K readership) in the November Special 2015, and is a Patient champion for the National Osteoporosis Society assisting in highlighting the disease and sharing her story in government circles  (Houses of Parliament)   


She also written/ contributed for Digital Transformation People, The Digital Transformation Network and has recently been  listed on the In Touch network of Senior Executives, and beingeve.net.

In her spare time she loves spending time with family and friends and supporting her favourite charities, BLES, The Mango Tree, Prostate Cancer research, Alzheimers Society and is expanding her volunteer work to Mentor women in business with the Cherie Blair Foundation.

She is open to speaking opportunities and events -  please contact her through the contact page.

Don't limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve. Be passionate in everything you do and in the words of einstein "Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."